Milk Protein


Food supplements with milk protein (casein) and egg protein. Casein proteins are absorbed slowly and give a  sense of satiety. Casein gives a slow gastric emptying but the increase of plasma amino acid concentration, even if smaller than the one given by whey proteins, lasts 7 hours at least. A very good proteic blend to be taken during the day or before to sleep.

Casein is found in whole milk in the amount of 24-29 g/L. All essential amino acids are found in high proportions in casein. Casein is found in milk in complex molecular groups whose name is micelle. Micelles are a complexes of calcium, sodium, potassium caseinate, phosphate, citrate with a molecular weight of several hundreds of millions. In terms of physical chemistry, casein micelles form a colloidal solution in milk with a PH of 6.6 and a prevalence of negative charges. Casein is formed by fractions: αs-1, αs-2, β, and κ-casein with small differences in the amino acid content. The  phosphocaseinates increase the intestinal solubility of minerals as calcium and zinc. Some casein peptides can have anticariogenic and antihypertensive properties; they can stimulate intestinal motility and the synthesis of anabolic hormones. It seems they are able to modulate gastric and pancreatic secretions and platelet aggregation with an antithrombotic activity.

*Properties yet without scientific evidence.

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