MIRABOL ® PROTEIN 94 - jar ( protein blend )

MIRABOL PROTEIN, contains calcium caseinate, whey protein and isolated egg, with a protein concentration of 94%. It has a slow absorption, increase the sense of satiety and stimulate digestive enzymes. Lactose less than 1%.

Tabella Nutrizionale

Nutritional Value (40.72 KB)

Very high protein food supplement included in the register of the Italian Ministry of Health, code 2850, indicated in all cases of increase in protein requirement or reduced protein synthesis, such as:


  • sport with intense muscolar effort;
  • maintenance of lean mass as part of diets for the reduction of weight under medical supervision.


The calcium caseinate, whey protein and isolated egg in the product Mirabol Protein, have a slow absorption, increase the sense of satiety and stimulate digestive enzymes. The percentage of protein purity is 94%. Lactose less than 1%.


 proteins (calcium caseinates, ion exchange, ultrafiltered, cross flow microfiltered whey protein isolates, spray-dried egg albumen, fructose, corn cocoa (only in cocoa and tiramisù flavours), maltodextrins, aroma, dyes: E150a (only in coffee flavour), E120 (only in strawberry flavour); emulsifier: soy lecithin (E322); sweetener: sucralose (E955).


How to use: 1-3 scoops (10 - 30 g) per day. Dissolve about 10 g in a glass (100 ml) of liquid (water, milk, fruit smoothies, yogurt), stirring for a few seconds. To prepare  a delicious pudding leave in the fridge for 1 h in a closed container.

Body building - natural anabolic effect at the highest level for the synergy of the various protein components. Low calorie diets: excellent meal replacement because in addition to a satiating effect, it  maintains lean body mass and increases metabolism reducing body fat.


jar of 750 g.

banana, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, tiramisu, vanilla.


Read the instructions on the label carefully.

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