MIRABOL ® SOY PROTEIN 90 - jar ( soy protein )

MIRABOL SOY PROTEIN, isolate soy protein, with a percentage of 90%, can help to reduce obesity in a low-calorie diet by reducing fat mass and body weight. No sources of lactose.

Tabella Nutrizionale

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Isolate soy protein deriving  from soy beans (Glycine max L.), a legume which comes from the Far East. They are composed of globulins and albumin, with a full spectrum of essential amino acids and a PDCAAS = 1. 

Mirabol Soy Protein is indicated in all cases of increase in protein requirements or reduced protein synthesis, such as:


  • sport with intense muscolar effort;
  • maintenance of lean mass, in weight control or in weight loss diets  under medical supervision;
  • diet: kosher, halal, vegan.


isolate soy
 protein, corn maltodextrin, cocoa, fructose, flavor, emulsifier: soy lecithin (E322); sweetener: sucralose (E955). 


How to use: 
1 scoop (10 g) in a shaker with a glass (100 ml) of liquid (water, milk, fruit smoothies, yogurt) shaking for a few seconds. 1 - 3 (10 - 30 g) servings a day.

Sport and low - calorie diets - particularly recommended to women because of the high nutritional profile of soy, and for vegetarians, or even to change a diet based on animal protein.


jar of 750 g.




Read the instructions on the label carefully.