Volchem SRL produces dietary foods authorized by the Ministry of Health.

We apply the most modern quality standards: products are formulated according to reports recommended (LARN and RDA) by the highest health authorities at international level to ensure maximum effectiveness naturally. The raw materials have the highest title of purity corresponding to that required by the major pharmacopoeias (FUI, BP, DAB, USP etc..) or by the Codex Alimentarius. We are also ISO 22000 certify.

Volchem supplements are recommended for dietary purposes in clinical practice, sports, medicine and fitness:

- modified metabolism, sensitive to a targeted dietary intervention;
- prolonged exercise such as cross-country skiing, marathon,sports with a high level of endurance and repeated sprints like cycling, football, hockey;
- power sports and intense training, eg. body building;
- clinical situations with a special diet: eg liver failure, reduced muscle tone, depressive syndromes, food allergies;
- stages of growth, weight loss diets or to tone lean, body mass;
- symptoms of fatigue due to nutritional deficiencies to combat stress naturally.