Carbohydrates are essential as the main source of energy, especially in intense aerobic activities (endurance). 

Carbohydrates (for example dextrose and its complex polymers as starches and maltodextrines) are converted into glycogen and glucose which are the base energy source in the body. If, during physical activity sugar stocks are not appropriate, the body uses fats and proteins, above all muscle ones, to obtain energy. The carbohydrates of the diet should supply about 60% of the whole calorie needs. A diet with a low fat content and an high complex carbohydrates content make the glycogen stocks increase during training. Who practices endurance sports should increase the diet complex carbohydrate intake (up to 70% of the whole calories) and minimize training in the 2-3 days before the competition to take the muscle glycogen stocks at the highest level.

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Volchem is certified ISO 22000, an international food safety management system.

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