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​Protein powder: some suggestions on which product to choose.

November 21, 2019

Protein powder: some suggestions on which product to choose.


Protein powder play a fundamental role in the supplement market. This type of supplement is among the most used, particularly in sports and by those who go to the gym often and want to develop muscle mass. At the moment, it can be difficult for consumers to choose which protein supplement to buy, considering the enormous range of products on the market. Price is also definitely an important factor when it comes to choosing which product to buy.

The price of protein powder can in fact vary considerably from product to product, despite still being called protein. It’s therefore necessary to know how to evaluate a few important characteristics in order to make the right choice:

1) the packaging: this may seem trivial, but when in a hurry, we often don’t think about how much product is actually in the packet. Obviously, the more powder there is, the higher the price will be. But be careful, very often the price/quantity ratio is more advantageous when buying larger packs. Your choice should therefore depend on your disposable income, your expected consumption, and your desire to switch up flavours. Sometimes you might prefer to buy smaller packets, so you can change flavour more often.

2) protein sources: you must pay attention to what you are buying. There are so many types of proteins and different sources from which they are derived. Each filtration process requires a different method that inevitably affects the cost of the final product. An isolated whey protein, for example, will always cost more than a casein based protein blend due to the processing costs of the raw material.

3) purity of raw materials: another aspect that inevitably affects price is product purity. A higher percentage of protein purity is equivalent to a higher final product cost. 80% protein will inevitably cost less than a product containing 90% protein.

We hope these tips help you to choose which protein supplement to buy.

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​Protein powder: some suggestions on which product to choose.
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