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Protein Bars

September 23, 2020

The protein bar market has been growing exponentially for some years now, but do you really know what they are and what they’re actually used for?

Protein bars are a food supplement and an excellent source of protein for athletes or people looking for a healthy and nutritious snack. They’re composed of energy macronutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Not only are they an excellent way to support a balanced diet, they’re also a great means of regaining energy after a workout.

Protein bars are very practical to consume on-the-go: they are pocket-sized, can be stored easily and come in single portion packets, which often means they’re more practical and easy-to-use than other protein supplements. They are an excellent solution when heading from the office to the gym, without having to carry around bulky cans, shakers or protein powders. They’re also a lot easier to consume than protein foods, which can be inconvenient when on-the-go and involve eating larger quantities to ensure the same protein intake.

Protein bars are the perfect way to combat muscle catabolism and restore energy reserves after a workout.

The recommended daily dose of protein is usually around 30g, and you can either decide whether to buy just one bar containing the entire amount, or to consume multiple bars containing smaller amounts throughout the day.

It’s always important to bear in mind that the higher the protein percentage, the more difficult it is to find a good product with the right consistency. The advantage of high protein percentages is that the overall product weight is reduced, while the disadvantage is that flavour inevitably ends up somewhat compromised compared to lower percentages, despite the fantastic progress made by a (few) protein bar manufacturers in recent years.

Make sure to pay attention to the rest of your diet and physical activity in order to monitor your daily protein intake!

Protein bars are also sometimes prescribed by nutritionists as part of a slimming diet, which tend to require an increase in protein intake.

In short, protein bars have various different uses depending on the objective at hand.

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Protein Bars
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