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Pre Workout, Gainer And Post Workout

April 15, 2019


Nowadays, many sports have become more popular than in the past, and fortunately people have started to do more physical activity aware of the benefits it brings on a physical and mental level.

More and more people have begun participating in cycling, mountain biking, OCR obstacle competitions, marathons or half marathons, triathlon competitions, crossfit competitions and many other activities that were once only practised by a limited number of people. Add to these the "traditional" sports such as football - first of all, our national sport - fitness, rugby, tennis, swimming, and more.

With the increase of sports practised, the number of sports enthusiasts and with the new scientific discoveries made in recent years, several products have been created to be specifically used for the various activities and their related steps that allow being always in top shape to face the training or the race.

Let's see what this is all about.


These are the supplements that are taken before workout and that allow you to have optimal energy to cope with a physical effort. They are usually based on carbohydrates, the "fuel" we consume first in endurance(aerobic) activities. These products usually also have a number of stimulating substances that allow increasing metabolism and make the body ready and responsive. Stimulating substances that help to have an extra "push" can be, for example, caffeine, guarana and others, provided they are authorised by the Ministry of Health.


These supplements are instead those recommended to be taken during physical training activity. They are based on mineral salts, the first ones that are lost when sweating during training. Therefore, it is desirable to take it with water, to replenish the lost fluids. Let’s not forget carbohydrates that, as written above, are consumed continuously while we carry out physical activity.


In the post-workout phase, supplementation for muscle and energy recovery is very important, so as not to compromise our psychophysical state.Here we can finally take the proteins, which are essential to promote protein synthesis and muscle recovery, regenerating the muscle tissues that were strained during physical activity. Branched BCAA amino acids are also recommended in the post-workout phase to recover energy and promote protein synthesis. Other amino acids that are useful in this phase are: creatine, which allows an increase in power and muscle mass; arginine that promotes the synthesis of creatine and nitric oxide (vasodilator); and glutamine that promotes the regeneration of glycogen. Finally, carbohydrates will be required to recover the energy supplies exhausted when exercising.

Usually, on the market, supplements that have this purpose are called Gainers.

What is important to highlight is that a correct supplement will allow, first of all, having more energy and therefore improving performance. Secondly, it is important for the recovery process so that the body can be ready for a new training session as quickly as possible.


As recommended supplements we propose the Ready for the pre-workout phase, Isodrink to be taken during training and the Promeal as gainer to be taken at the end of training.

Pre Workout, Gainer And Post Workout
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