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New testimonial Gianmarco Moschin

June 23, 2018

"This is my story:

I started martial arts at 5 years and bmx at 6...

-KICK BOXING: 3 dan black belt, world champion, 6 times european champion, 10 times international champion and 26 times italian champion. I was the most titled athlete in Italy. I buy kickboxing until 2013 then i decide to start taekwondo WT to attend an olimpic qualification.

-TAEKWONDO WT: 1 dan black belt, 10 times international champion, italian champion, 3 times vice italian champion, member of italian national team in 2017.

-BMX Freestyle: international champion, national champion, champion bunnyhop jump (jump on the stick) 1.04 m and won 3 best trick contest".

Good luck Gianmarco!

New testimonial Gianmarco Moschin
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