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​Energy gels: why and how to use them

October 4, 2019

Energy gels: why and how to use them

Supplements are great allies in everyday life, but they are particularly useful for those who practice sport.

They come in different forms and today we we’re going to focus on energy gels.

Energy gels are convenient and practical carbohydrate supplements, ideal for those who practice endurance sports, in order to recover lost energy.

They can be based on simple or complex carbohydrates, in liquid/gelatinous form and must be easily digestible.

Energy gels are essentially dietary supplements that include concentrated carbohydrates, useful for replenishing carbohydrates lost during muscular exertion.

They are contained in practical single-dose sachets, which are quick to open and easy to consume. Energy gels have a viscous consistency and a high concentration of carbohydrates, salts and amino acids, which are easily and quickly absorbed. Gels come in various flavours in order to meet your needs.

When should you consume energy gels?

Gels are incredibly practical to consume when training or during competitions and can be placed in your pocket to be easily opened and absorbed when needed. But let’s take a more detailed look with regard to the where and when.

· we recommend consuming solid foods or energy bars before physical exertion, to be eaten preferably at least 30 minutes before engaging in sporting activity;

· choose energy gels based on your needs, whether you need sugars replenished at different rates of absorption during the initial and intermediate stages of enduranceactivities or an energy boost with maximum efficiency in the final stages;

· consume energy gels at regular 30-60 minute intervals during physical activity, adjusting timings according to your training needs and physical strength;

· always drink some water when consuming gels;

· it can also be useful to consume energy gels immediately after a race/training session, especially in endurance sports, as they help to quickly rebuild muscle glycogen reserves.

These supplements – also known as "carbogels" – are quickly absorbed and provide an energy boost that is essential when attempting to overcome inevitable moments of breathlessness during endurance activities (e.g. a triathlon, running or cycling event).

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​Energy gels: why and how to use them
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