GLUTAMASS ® ( l - glutamine )

GLUTAMASS, pure glutamine, promotes muscle growth and helps the recovery after intense and prolonged effort.

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Pure glutamine, free of contaminants, chemical additives and excipients.

Glutamine is,among all amino acids of the diet, the most present one in muscle tissue, constituting a very important energy source for the organism; it facilitates muscle growth thanks to its anticatabolic effect (it let the degradation of muscle protein decrease) and allows a more rapid recovery after intense and prolonged effort, it raises the endurance threshold and maintains a high level of mental concentration, decreasing the possible occurrence of symptoms of overtraining.

How to use: 
1 - 2 tablets per day, before or immediately after training or during meals, in all kinds of sports.



  • 120 and 300 tablets of 1000 mg 


 Read the instructions on the label carefully.

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