MEGAVIS ® DRINK 3000 ( carnitine )

MEGAVIS DRINK 3000: l-carnitine helps to transform fats into energy and it is used to supply energy or lose weight.

Tabella Nutrizionale

Nutritional Value (99.38 KB)

MEGAVIS DRINK 3000 is a food supplement, included in the registry of the Italian Ministry of Health code n. 671, of L-carnitine: natural constituent of body, it participates to the oxidation of fatty acids in the mitochondria and energy-yielding from fats. It may be useful in all casesof increased need such as sport activity.

L-carnitine has given positive results also in weight control programs with more physical activity and lower caloric intake.

water, L-carnitine tartrate, acidity regulators: citric acid E330, sodium citrate E331iii; flavor, preservative: potassium sorbate E202, sweetener: sucralose E955, dried lemon juice. 

How to use: 
1/3 vial (4 full caps = 8.33 ml) 1000 mg L-carnitine a day. Shake before use. 

20 x 25 ml vials with dosing cap cod.ean 8053670352254; 25 ml vial (3000 mg of L-carnitine).

Read the instructions on the label carefully. 

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