MEGAVIS ® ( carnitine )

MEGAVIS, l-carnitine helps to transform fats into energy and it is used to supply energy or lose weight.

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Megavis is a food supplement of l-carnitine.

The L-carnitine in the body is used to transform fats into energy (favors the oxidation of fatty acids at a cellular level) and so it is used as a supplement for energetic  or slimming purposes. Favoring the energy utilization of fats, reduces the lack  oxygen caused by the build-up of lactic acid, delaying the onset of fatigue.

The conditions of increased dietary demands of carnitine are: intense physical activity especially aerobic, muscle cramps, recurrent or reduced muscle strength after intense workouts: the intense physical activity of muscle carnitine concentration decreased significantly (while increasing its derived acetylcarnitine).

Megavis contains L-carnitine of pharmaceutical grade, ensuring the highest purity and bioavailability of the product with the best quality / price ratio (30 gr of pure L-carnitine per pack).

L-carnitine tartrate, stabilisers: E460i (microcrystalline cellulose), E470b (vegetable magnesium stearate), E551 (silicon dioxide).

How to use: 
1-2 tablets daily, recommended in all types of sports, in low-calorie diets and for elderly.

60 divisible  tablets of 500 mg.

 Read the instructions on the label carefully. 

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