ARGIN ® ( l - arginine )

ARGIN: l-arginine, amino acid that performs several functions including the synthesis of creatine and of nitric oxide. It contrasts the sense of fatigue, favors the elimination of ammonia and stimulates the growth hormone (GH).

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Argin, a food supplement rich in arginine.


Arginine, an amino acid widely common in nature, acts as:

  • synthesis of creatine in muscle, which is an  essential energy substrate in sports based on the shoot;
  • synthesis of nitric oxide (vasodilator);
  • It contrasts physical and mental fatigue;
  • It favors the elimination of ammonia, which is a  waste product generated by the metabolism of proteins;
  • naturally stimulates the secretion of growth hormone GH (especially if taken in the evening before going to sleep).


How to use: 
2 - 4 tablets daily (1 tablet per 20 kg of weight).


120 or 300 tablets of 1000 mg.


Read the instructions on the label carefully.

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